The Pieces

Behind every handmade object there is the commitment and art of a master craftsman, but there is also the history and culture of a place and of its people. An object made by hand will always remain something unique and unrepeatable. Irregularities and imperfections are the distinctive features that enhance the handcrafted piece. The processing times change respect to the frenzy of industry and serial production; here the realization of an object requires the right time, a time that expands. The refinement of the shapes, the quality of the raw materials are the characteristics that embellish the products of our world. Constant research and final assembly in Italy allows us to apply cutting-edge processes with the help of technologies and resources that in local cultures were and sometimes are unthinkable. The high technical finish quality of each piece is one of the objectives of the transformation work, the element that gives to these pieces the status of an hybrid, unique and special. The noMades are pieces that preserve the memory of their history but carry with them the value of the refined and contemporary finishes “made in Italy”.

During our professional experience we have been able to ascertain that luxury is really such not only thanks to precious raw materials or the historical prestige of a brand, but also and above all thanks to the craftsmanship, time and dedication necessary to create the highest quality goods. In other words, luxury indicates an aesthetic model that is recognized in the exceptional nature, uniqueness and rarity of the product.

A work created with patience, dedication, with exceptional craftsmanship, with obsessive attention to every detail… this requires time and passion; and these are precisely the requirements that define its value. Having the privilege of wearing pieces built according to ancestral criteria and living a rare and unique aesthetic experience.


The value of the object is no longer defined by the brand but by its intrinsic value of work and know-how. Of course when you create according to this philosophy you necessarily have a great sensitivity for the hand-made. Over time we have become increasingly aware of what it means to create a “well-made” garment and we consider the ethical aspect of its production to be of fundamental importance. Recognizing the importance of man, of the individual and of his experience, cultural and aesthetic, within the process of creation and construction of the asset, we automatically recognize the importance of the individual and of his cognitive heritage in the chain of value. This inevitably leads us to make targeted choices and to recognize the centrality of man in our company. Sustainability is not an empty word, but in this perspective it represents the heart of the luxury goods production process.


And that’s what we love to do.

The spirit of noMade

noMade in line with the principles that inspired its foundation, that is the research, recovery and enhancement of rare and ancient craft heritage, through travel and discovery, offers products that are the result of a unique “savoir-faire”, of traditions jealously guarded and with a constant commitment to keeping up with the times through advanced finishing technologies, which we know to make these assets modern and current. Thanks to its creations, our company wants to be an ambassador of a joyful and refined “art-de-vivre”, inspired and guided by respect for nature and a sustainable vision of doing business.

Our belief is that the ability to produce valuable artefacts is not the exclusive prerogative of a place, but a transversal heritage that crosses different territories and areas of the world; it is precisely these riches, these artistic representations of a culture and a history that we want to convey and enhance, expressing them with the taste and modernity of Italian savoir-faire.

The transmission of these crafts and their more traditional aspects is also essential in view of a lasting success of the brand: it is the ability of our artisans, intangible and unique wealth, to guarantee the excellence that pervades the creation of our products. And it is here that the creative forces and the Italian taste come into play that decline and translate into contemporary terms the most refined legacy of these artisanal heritages.

This results in constant support from the Group for each of its supply chains, helping the communities in which it operates to pass on traditional trades and encouraging suppliers to constantly renew their exceptional know-how.

Together, we are committed to making excellence a lever for social and professional inclusion, in a dynamic of solidarity with the territories and communities that host us, with the will to increase the positive social impact of our activities.

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