Bespoke Your Dream Details

noMade as not entirely finished, customizable

One piece created around you,

not only a shoe but a desire.

Handmade pieces crafted to satisfy even

the most demanding and creative customers.

To emphasize craftsmanship and our strong focus on customization,we established the M.T.O. program.

Through this program our most demanding and creative customers will be able to choose from the current models selecteing from multiple colors: colonial nuances, soft pastels or more bright and vibrant hues and / or customizing for example with tassels, initials, embroidered motifs; or choice between a rubber sole, that recalls the world of the sea, or a more urban leather sole.

The shoes will be available two weeks from the date of the order. Each shoe will have the name of the craftsman imprinted on the sole. The MTO program will add approximately 30% mark-up.

How To Take Measurements

The shoemaker operations follow a simple and precise ritual: this phase is the most important aspect in the preparation of what will then become a shoe.

Among shoemakers there is an old rule where the simpler the measuring instruments are and the more reliable the results of the measurements will be: one sheet of paper, a tailor’s centimeter and a pencil.

To establish the length and width of the shoes, the perimeter of the foot must be measured: place the foot on the sheet of paper and trace the profile of the foot with a pencil.

Subsequently with an inch we proceed to the measurement: vertically the length from the big toe to the heel and horizontally the width of the sole of the foot.

With this simple operation we will be able to create the perfect shoe for you.

Our goal is to obtain a perfect bespoke product in accordance with your dreams details.
A radical personalization of the shoe, from the sole to the upper.